Peace Songbook

One World Family

By Timmy Abell and Steven Heller

in Play All Day by Timmy Abell

©1989, Local Honey Music, ASCAP / Butterside, BMI


We might not fit in the family car

But we live in the same big home

We might not eat the very same meals

But we share where they all come from

We're all a little different

Yet we're all a lot the same

We all wake up under one bright sun

Drift to sleep with our silver moon


CHORUS:  One World Family

               Hands across the seas

               Mothers Fathers Sisters Brothers

               Joining hands and sing

               One World Family

               Joining in a dream

               Lift your voice, so we can hear

               The part you have to sing


The barber works on heads all day

While the farmer plows the fields

Astronomers are counting stars

We all have days to fill

We're all a little different

Yet we're all a lot the same

Not what you say, not what you do

It's the light that shines inside of you




We speak a hundred languages

We live in many lands

We're all different shades of the same color

And we finally understand

We're all a little different

Yet we're all a lot the same

By looking deep inside ourselves

We find we know our friends...quite well




We're growing with this family tree

It stands so strong and tall

A special place for you and me

Without us it will fall

We're all a little different

Wonderful in our own way

This tree that's lived ten thousand years

Depends on how we sing today



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