Peace Songbook

Dreams of Harmony

Music and lyrics by Joanne Hammil

©1988 JHO Music

While tucking in my children one night when they were young, I was flooded with knowing that parents all over the world were doing the same, with the same big wishes for their kids' happiness and safety and well-being and future, but simply saying their loving 'goodnights' in different languages.

One world full of harmonies from all our glorious differences -- that's my dream.

Part 1 sings "goodnight" in 9 languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swahili, Chinese, Russian, German and Hebrew.  Part 2 harmonizes with Part 1, with a wish in English for us to all be 'one family' and to fill the world with dreams of harmony.


Part 1: Goodnight, bonne nuit, oyasuminasai, buenas noches, lala salama, wan an, spokoinyu noche, gute nacht, lila tov.

Part 2: Wherever you rest your head tonight we are all one family, let's hold tight, and fill the world with dreams of harmony tonight.

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