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One Planet

By Cheryl Melody

in Celebrate! by Cheryl Melody

©Cheryl Melody 2007

"One Planet" reminds us that we can all live in peace no matter where we come from or what language we speak. The song utilizes common greetings, good-byes and "peace" in many languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Swahili, German, Hawaiian, Russian and Hindi.  


One Planet  

Lyrics & Music: Cheryl Melody


We’re all one people


    “Jambo”    pron. JAHM-bow   -Swahili/African   

   “Guten Tag”   pron. GOO-ten tog   -German

All one nation 

   “Hola”     pron.  OH-lah    -Spanish   

   “Salaam”     pron. sah-LAHM-Arabic

All one planet

   “Konichiwa”     pron.  koh-NEE-chee-wah     -Japanese   

   “Chow”     -Chinese

Together we can live

   “Aloha”     pron. ah-LOW-hah     -Hawaiian   

   “Zdravstvuite”     pron. zdrah-tsvooth-TSEEYAH         - Russian                                                                                                                                                         



We’re all one people

All one nation, 

All one planet,  

Together we can live.


We’re all the colors of one rainbow

All the feelings of one heart

All the music of one voice

Let’s reach for a brand new start. (chorus)


Lots of struggles are the same for all of us

Each other’s hearts we really do know

We’re all connected with each other

Remember that, and don’t feel low. (Chorus)



Dancing hand in hand together

Bringing peace and joy and laughter

Eyes of harmony and love

All one planet, together we can live



Show your kindness to each other

Know that we are one

There’s magic in caring for another

Your love shines like the sun. (chorus)


Sing this song to each other

Dance with joy hand in hand

We’re everybody’s sister and brother

So strike up the One Planet band!  (chorus & descant)


We’re all one people

   “adios”     pron.  ah-dee-OHSS     -Spanish-goodbye 

   “Auf Wiedersehen       pron.  owf VEE-der-zayn”     -German-see you soon

All one nation

   “Shalom”     pron.  shah-LOHM     -Hebrew-Peace, goodbye and hello 

   “zai jian”     pron.  TSY-chee-en     -Chinese-goodbye)

All one planet

   “Namaste”     pron. NAH-mah-stay     -Hindi (India)-Peace

   “L’hitraot”     pron. luh-heet-rah-OTE     -Hebrew-see you soon

Together we can live

   “Heiwa”-     pron. HAY-wah     Japanese-Peace;

   “Shalom”     pron. shah-LOHM     Hebrew

   “Paz”-     pron. pahz     Spanish-peace;

   “Sol”     pron. sohl     -Arabic


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