Peace Songbook


Music and lyrics by Peter Alsop

©2002 Moose School Music (BMI)

"Uh-Oh!" puts a positive, matter-of-fact spin on the mishaps and bad news we face every day. With these lyrics we are reminded that an "uh-oh!" is really just normal for humans, and that together we can fix them!




Cho:  Uh-Oh! I made a mess.  Uh-Oh!  It’s true            G-C-D-D7-G

Uh-Oh!  I made a mess, but that’s what people do!     G-C-G-D7-G


Uh-Oh!  I spilled my juice, dropped it on the floor!

Uh-Oh!  My Grandma says, “That’s what floors are for!”



Uh-Oh!  I tripped and fell, got an “owie” on my knee

Uh-Oh!  I think there’s blood!  Hey look! You wanna see?


Cho:  Uh-Oh! My leg’s a mess.  Uh-Oh!  It’s true

Uh-Oh!  My leg’s a mess, but that’s what people do


(garbage can clatter)

Uh-Oh!  Wow! What was that?  Did you hear that crash?

Uh-Oh!  It was Daddy’s car, he ran into our trash!


Cho:  Uh-Oh! He made a mess.  Uh-Oh!  It’s true

Uh-Oh!  He made a mess, but that’s what people do


Uh-Oh!  I lost my shoe, it’s in this pile somewhere

Uh-Oh!  Under my shirts and socks and underwear!


Cho:  Uh-Oh! My room’s a mess.  Uh-Oh!  It’s true

Uh-Oh!  My room’s a mess, but that’s what people do


Uh-Oh!  It’s the TV news, my Dad looks sad tonight

Uh-Oh!  Mom gets upset, when she sees grown ups fight!


Cho:  Uh-Oh! The world’s a mess.  Uh-Oh!  It’s true

Uh-Oh!  The world’s a mess, but that’s what people do


Mom says “Let’s clean it up!”  M’Dad says “Tears will dry”

I say “If there’s a mess, we can fix it if we try!”


Cho:  Uh-Oh! I made a mess.  Uh-Oh!  It’s true,

Uh-Oh!  I made a mess, cause I’m human just like you!

Uh-Oh!  I made a mess, cause that’s what people do!

Uh-Oh!  we made a mess, so let’s see what we can do!



Written by Peter Alsop, ©2002, Moose School Music (BMI)

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