Peace Songbook

The Color of Feelings

By Lori Scherling

©2006 L. Scherling


Do you try to hide your

sensitive softer side?

When your emotions collide

Do you ever let go and cry?

Or would you rather stay numb

‘cause you’re worried that your feelings are dumb?

Don’t forget you’re human

and your best is what you’re doin’

Let’s reveal to others, minor feelings and their colors.


When you feel yucky sad and blue

Ask for great big hugs from friends who love you

If you’re really mad and anger fills your head

Go ahead, raise your voice and feel red

When you feel blah not sure and in the grey

Try to go with the flow, come what may


When you’re scared or worried and feeling brown

Breathe deeply and sit still until your nerves settle down

If you feel ignored or unseen

Let frustration and confusion turn your green

When you’re cranky, crabby, irritated and annoyed and exhaustion attacks

fade to black


Be strong and share how you feel

And your wounds will instantly heal

Know that you’re never alone

Open up and make your feelings known


You don’t have to hide

How you feel inside

If you have to cry

My arms are open wide

I’d never want to see you numb

Or learn that how you feel is dumb

I know that you’re human and

Your best is what you’re doin’!

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