Environmental Songbook


By Fran Avni

in Tuning Into Nature by Fran Avni & Jackie Cytrynbaum


Plant a tree, watch it grow.

Branches high, roots down low.

Trunk all covered all over with bark,

Trees in the gardens and trees in the park.



Trees, trees, trees, trees

Home for the birdies,

Home for the bees

Home for the animals, home for the squirrels,

Trees are part of our beautiful world.

They give us...


Flowers and leaves that smell so sweet,

Nuts and fruit and seeds to eat,

Maple sugar is a favorite treat we get from trees,

We get apples to pick and branches to climb,

A tree house to build in the summer time,

Logs for cabins and wood for fuel

Shade to keep us cool.




Swing on them; climb on them, picnic in the park,

Scratch an itchy back against the bark,

Play hide-and-seek till it gets too dark

Rock yourself to sleep up in a tree .....




Plant a tree. Watch it grow!!!!

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