Environmental Songbook


Music and lyrics by David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans

©2014 David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans

Our son Ari has been a literal tree-hugger for much of his life, and he asked us for many years why we didn’t have a song about trees.  When we saw a quote from a child at a preschool in Philadelphia (“the branches are like magic wands”) we got inspired.  This driving alternative folk-rock song has already become a favorite in our live performances.


I’m a treehugger, baby - I love trees
Changing with the seasons, swaying in the breeze

I find a great spot in the shade of a tree
I lean against the trunk and it comforts me
I pick myself an apple. juicy and sweet
The squirrels gather nuts and together we eat                       


I climb to the top of a very tall tree
Looking over the horizon, feeling wild and free
In the blanket of the treetops, nightingales play
The view from up here takes my breath away                      


How’d this giant grow from a tiny seed?
Giving shade and food and the air we breathe
With magic wand branches, making music when it blows
I wish that trees could talk and tell me all they know


Swaying in the breeze (repeat)

Oak, pine, cherry
Cedar, birch, mulberry
Cypress, spruce, sequoia
Ash, maple, magnolia
Apple, pear, mango
Aspen, hawthorn, willow
Chestnut, walnut, hickory
Sycamore, palm, mahogany

(Background vocals:)
Root – trunk – branch – leaf (repeat)

Movements for Chorus:

  1. I’m a treehugger, baby - give yourself a hug
  2. I love trees - arms up in the air, like tree branches
  3. Changing with the seasons - circle arms around each other, in front of chest
  4. swaying in the breeze - swaying motion with hands

Act out lyrics of Verses

Video (includes images of each tree listed in th Descant): https://youtu.be/7q7E67FIkr8

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