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A Friend, A Laugh and A Walk In The Woods

Music and lyrics by Dan Crow

©1992 Dan Robert Allshouse pka Dan Crow

This song was used on an album by the same name first released on Sony Kids Music in 1992. It focuses on my three favorite things about life!

It was later released on another label, Alls House Family Music, and is available from itunes, kidzmusic.com, Songs for Teaching, etc. 

dankrow@aol.com   (yes, with a K)



by Dan Crow

A friend, a laugh and a walk in the woods,
Those are things that I like best.
(Sung throughout song)

A friend, it’s nice to have a friend. It’s nice to have lots of friends. Friends to play with and friends to share with. Friends to listen. Friendly friends. A friend.
Yep, that I like.

A laugh. I love to laugh. I love to giggle, I love to sniggle. I like to have fun. I like to be silly, I like to guffaw. Fuuuffaaawww! Yep, that I like. A laugh!

A walk in the woods. I like the trees, the breeze. Sit by a stream and dream. Love nature. Love the animals, and the birds, the flowers, the fish, the bugs.
Yep, a walk in the woods that I like.

There is one more thing I like, besides a friend, a laugh, and a walk in the woods. It’s kinda personal, but I guess I could tell you. It kinda puts all three together. It’s a … it’s a … well, it’s… aaaaa … sparagus! Yep, that I like.

@ 1992 Allshouse Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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