Environmental Songbook

Morning Winds

Music and lyrics by Dorothy Cresswell

©2013 Dorothy Cresswell

This song whispered in my ear one morning as I walked up a long country driveway.

 The morning winds sing to wake up each of the parts of nature that we see: the trees, the sun, the birds, the land, etc.  New verses can easily be added to stretch vocabulary and concepts. You might focus on just farm ideas, or city ideas, ocean/shore, field and mountains,...



Morning Winds
By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2013

                     Am                                          Dm                 Am
Morning winds are singing, singing to the trees,
                                                                                                             Dm                      Am  
“Wake up! Wake up! Feel the fresh new breeze!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the sun,
“Wake up! Wake up! A new day has begun!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the birds,
“Wake up! Wake up! Let your voice be heard!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the land,
“Wake up! Wake up! Help the day be grand!”

Morning winds are singing to each girl and boy,
“Wake up! Wake up! Show the earth your joy!

Morning winds are singing to each boy and girl.
“Wake up! Wake up! Say hi to the world!”

When I do this song with the younger children they love to curl up as if they were sleeping and then wake up with surprise each time we sing "wake up" to a new part of the day.  They can do this forever and never lose their delight in a new day! 

When I shared this at a song swap someone suggested that we try the first verse as a round, and it worked! So with older children you can do that, and feel/hear the wind as the music enfolds and surrounds the group.

We have also made little crepe paper "winds" and used scarves to be the wind, swishing back and forth on the first line and then an upward sweep on the "wake up" parts.

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