Environmental Songbook

Hungry for the Sun

By Matt Loosigian

in Hungry for the Sun by Matt Loosigian


I’m hungry for the sun to shine on me

I’m gonna soak it up and grow into a tall oak tree

I’ll put down roots and grow real strong

So let it shine on down. I’m hungry for the sun


When I was just a sapling on the forest floor

I dreamed of being huge like my relatives before

My grandma was the tallest. She had a million leaves

She said you’ve got to eat your sun if you want to grow like me


Well at first I stole the rays falling through the canopy

Sun flecks here and there, they’re as tasty as can be

I mixed them with some water and a little CO2

And oh my my how my branches grew


Well I shot up like an arrow passing all the other trees

Now I’m the biggest one around, I’ve got two hundred rings

The understory trees ask me how I got so tall

Well you gotta eat your sun if you want to grow at all

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