Environmental Songbook

Use It Again

By Peter Alsop

in GROW IT AT HOME by Peter Alsop


D-D7-G (C-G)

There’s a small kangaroo G

Who shops around town Am

Puts things in her pouch Am

Then she hops up and down G

Sometimes things break G

And her pouch is a mess Am

Does she throw it away? A7

I bet you can guess! No! She says, D-D-D7


Cho: “Why should I throw it away, away C-D-G-Em

I’ll use it again some day. C-D7-G (C-G)

And I’d have to find another one then C-D-D-Em

So I’m gonna use this one again, ... C-D-Em-Em

And again and again, and again and again, C-C-D-D

And again and again and again!” D-D7-G (C-G)



Instrumental Chorus


She can wash her pouch out!

“When I bounce, it’ll dry it!” (And she bounces to dry it!)

It’s a little more work

But y’know, we should try it!

Let’s all do the same

With the stuff that we use

Write our name on our own

So we know whose is whose!





And again and again, and again and again, C-D

And again and again and again! D-D7-G (C-G)


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