Environmental Songbook

Heal the Bay

By Peter Alsop

in Plugging Away by Peter Alsop

©1989, Moose School Music (BMI)

Clean up water Sources for ages 2-12


The sun was slowly burning through Em

The morning mist was rising in the air Em-Bm

Brown seabirds soared in tight formations Em

Seagulls swooping, diving everywhere Em-A

My young daughter close beside me, A

Crammed with all our beach stuff in the car A-Bm

Laughing, heading for the bay Em

And flowing full of life the way kids are Em7-A


We piled out and picked our way

Through broken glass and beer cans in the sand

My little one, she found a dried out

Seagull carcass tangled in a web of plastic strands

The sign tacked-up said “Danger!:

“Toxic Chemicals Contaminate The Bay!”

A tear rolled down her cheek, she said

“I don’t want the world to be this way.” Em7-D



Heal the bay, heal the bay G, D

Heal the bay, heal the bay G, D-F#m-Bm-C-A-A7


“We might as well go home” I said

“There’s nothing we can do.

The whole world’s full of poison

And ev’rybody dies sometime, it’s true!”

She dropped down on her knees

With angry eyes she told me “I’m not dead!”

She looked down at the seagull

“We’re tangled up together’s” what she said


I said “The bay is sick y’know

It’s just too much for kids to understand!”

I watched her take her little fists

And tightly clench them down into the sand

I shrugged, “I’m just one person, I can’t

Heal an ocean full of poisen things!”

She said “Daddy, it’s our bay.”

Then she closed her eyes and she began to sing,


CHORUS (with ad libs)


And then something wonderful began!

Children, children came from all around

They joined hands and started in to sing!

And I thought maybe, awww, maybe there’s some hope!

Listen to the children sing! Sing it children!

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