Environmental Songbook

Garage Sale - Pass It On

By Fran Avni

in Tuning Into Nature by Fran Avni & Jackie Cytrynbaum


With a little bit of polish, some paint and glue,

You can patch things up, make them 'nearly new'-

If you don't want them, pass them on.

If your hockey sweater doesn't seem to fit,

And your sister doesn't want your catcher's mitt,

Don't toss them out - pass them on.



'Cause yesterday's treasures

Bring you brand new pleasures,

Used for you is new to me!


If your winter jacket is much too small

And your tennis racquet's on the wall,

Don't toss them out - just pass them on.

If you don't want or just can't use it,

Somebody else can come and choose it,

Just patch it up and pass it on 'cause





There are dress-up clothes, a garden hose,

A hula hoop, a pot for soup,

A frying pan, a Chinese fan,

A teddy bear and a rocking chair,

A scarf and coat and toys that float,

An old guitar, a racing car,

Picture books and picture hooks,

Cutlery and cups for tea,

A cuckoo clock and colored chalk,

A jogging suit and a wooden flute,

Skis and skates and picnic plates,

Puppets on strings, tire swings,

Basketballs and lots of dolls,

A bicycle and a tricycle,

Shelves to hang up on the wall

Something here for one and all.



'Cause yesterday's treasures

Bring you brand new pleasures,

Something used for you can be

Something used for you is new to ME!!!!

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