Environmental Songbook

Stop Polluting

By Purly Gates & students at the N. Walpole (NH) Elementary School

in Songs for a Healthy World by Purly Gates



Stop, stop, stop, stop — stop polluting

Stop, stop, stop, stop — stop polluting

You can do it if you try

You can do it so the earth won’t die


1. We need water to drink and wash

Clean fresh water to fish and swim

Watch out for the oil and trash

Polluting water is (like) a sin




2. Take a breath of nice clean air

Reminds you that you should take care

Watch out for the smog and smoke

Polluting air, it ain’t no joke




3. Recycling helps the earth and us

Save those papers, cans and glass

Use it over and over again

The time is here, now let’s begin



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