Environmental Songbook

I Think You Dropped This

By Susan Salidor

in Little Voices in My Head by Susan Salidor



I live in the city and I like what it's got

Parks, museums and people -- there's really a lot

But we've got a lot of garbage, it's sad but true

I don't want to be a litterbug, how about you?



I think you dropped this! Oh yeah you dropped this!

I saw it slip right out of your hand

I think you dropped this

You know you dropped this

Right over there is a garbage can.


Sometimes when I'm out walking the town

Hanging with friends, playing around

We see people enjoying a snack

But afterwards they leave a mess -- A LITTERBUG ATTACK!


My mom and I find garbage around

In front of the house, on the ground

We can't understand why people people would throw

Their banana peels and chip bags on the bright clean snow?




So when you go walking down the street

And your friend gives you some gum to eat

Chew the gum, enjoy the treat

But throw the wrapper in the can and not the street!


Chorus until last line, then:

Right over there is a garbage can.

We've got to do whatever we can.

So be smart and use a garbage can!

This upbeat song about littering calls out litterbugs by reminding them to be smart and environmentally conscious by putting litter in its place -- "Over there is a garbage can!" 

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