Environmental Songbook

Pick It Up

By Patricia Shih

in The Power of One by Patricia Shih


When you’re riding in a car and there’s someone up ahead of you

And they have got a great big candy bar

And they’re taking off the wrapper and they throw it out the window

What do you say? “What could they be thinking?!”



Pick it up, pick it up

And throw it in the garbage

Pick it up, pick it up

Everything has its place

Pick it up, pick it up

Recycle or reuse it

Pick it up, pick it up

We’ve got to share this space


I know most of us are busy and our room’s a little messy

And there’s clothes and toys and food all over the place

And your mom’s disappointed and your dad’s near a meltdown

What do they say? “What could you be thinking?!”



So when we’re playing in the house or we’re walking in the neighborhood

And there’s a mess that someone made—we can’t say who

We can roll up our sleeves and pitch in together

What can we do? Me and you!



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