Peace Songbook

When I Feel Mad

By Bonnie Lockhart

in Dreams, Drums and Green Thumbs by Bonnie Lockhart

©2002 Bonnie Lockhart

This song aptly describes the physical manifestation of a child's anger in relatable terms (SSS, GRR, Hey!) while encouraging them to use their powerful words to express what they need in a non-violent manner.



When I feel mad, I hiss like a snake (ssss).

I roar like a bear (grrr). What a noise I make!

I stomp my feet, and I might just shout (Hey!).

But I don’t have to hurt anybody to let my anger out.


`Cause I use words, words make me strong

And I can tell everybody just what is wrong.

I can say “Stop!” (Stop, Stop). I can say “No!” (No).

I can say I need a turn, I can say leave me alone.




And when I’m mad, here’s how I know.

I’ve got some place in my body that tells me so.

Could be my throat (gulp!).

Could be my chest (cough!).

Could be my fists or my belly,

My body knows the best!



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