Peace Songbook

Peaceful Feet

Music and lyrics by Peter Alsop

©2003 Moose School Music (BMI)

This was originally for a compilation album called "Hear And Gone In Sixty Seconds" and the challenge was to write a song that only took a minute.  This was my offering!  (Just 'cause it's short doesn't mean it can't be funny and have a point to it, right!!?)




I have two feet, I think they’re neat,                       E-B7

I like to sing about them.                                         E-B7

I tap my feet and I repeat                                         A-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, feet-feet-feet!                         B7-E



Feet-feet, feet-feet, feet-feet-feet!                          A-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, feeeeet!                                  B7-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, feet-feet-feet!                         A-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, feeeeet!                                  B7-E


My feet need air and lots of care

I tell them that I love them.

I have to shout, ‘cause they’re down there;

I’m way up here, above them!  (I love you!)




My Dad’s feet don’t smell so sweet

When he come home from walks.

I hold my nose when my Dad goes

And takes off both his socks!


Feeeeeeee-eeeeet.  (“Oh wow, … Dad!  Whew!!  Cough-cough”)


Every day before I play                                             F-C7

I put my feet in shoes, then                                     F-C7

If my toes fall off my feet                                        Bb-F

That way I will not loose them!                              C7-F


Chorus                                               Bb-F/ C7-F/ Bb-F/ C7-F/ B7


People all around the world                                    E-B7

Love their feet like me                                            E-B7

So let’s have peace and tap our feet                       A-E

And sing in harmony!                                              B7-E







Written by Peter Alsop, ©2003Moose School Music (BMI)

On Grow It At Home and Hear And Gone In 60 Seconds  -


See if you can learn this song and sing it in exactly :60 seconds.  I teach the audience the chorus, then get them to sing with me while one kid times us.  If we need to go faster or slower, we sing it again and try to get it just right!  Then, I ask them what the song is about!  Do we miss thing when we go too fast, or aren't really listening to the words someone is saying.  We talk about feeling like we have to do things "perfectly" and agree how crazy that can be for some people.  

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