Peace Songbook

Little Kid

By Peter Alsop

in Uh-Oh! by Peter Alsop

©2002, Moose School Music (BMI)


I am just a Little Kid, but not for long (Am-G-Am, G-Am-Am)

Someday I’ll be a Big Kid, big and strong (Am-G-Am, G-Am-Am)

Next I’ll be a Tee-nager, (G)

“Yeah?! ...  So?” ( F-E7, F-E7)

Then I’ll be a Grow-Nup, just like you, just like you (Am-G-Am, G-Am-Am, G-Am-Am)


But I won’t hit my Little Kid, when something’s wrong

When I’m angry at my Little Kid, I’ll sing this song.

I’ll say, “Hey I love you, Little Kid,

When you act like a Little Kid, that’s okay.

I’m sorry I was mean to you.”

That’s what I’ll say.

Hope I won’t be a Grow-Nup, who acts that way.


‘Cause now I’m just a Little Kid,

So I act like a Little Kid, and that’s okay!

That’s – okay! )Asus4-Asus4_

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