Peace Songbook

Don't Fight

By Timmy Wells

in The First Day of School by Timmy Wells, Spool Steigman and the Orange Band




Don’t Fight! They’re other ways to handle it.

Don’t Fight! That’s not the way to go.

Don’t Fight! They’re other ways to handle it.

Stop. Think. Learn to say no.


Why do you call me names?

It makes me want to cry.

I want so much to get back at you.

Then I Stop, Think and ask why?


(Repeat Chorus)


Hey! Don’t push me. That’s not necessary.

Just ask me, Politely to move.

Hey! Don’t Push, That only causes Trouble.

Stop, Think, You’ve nothing to Prove.


(Repeat Chorus)


Why do you say Bad Things about me?

Does it make you feel better than I?

It’s you who’s small in the eyes of who matter.

So Stop. Think. Ask Yourself Why.


(Repeat Chorus 3x)

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