Peace Songbook


By Patricia Shih

in Big Ideas by Patricia Shih

©1988 Patricia Shih, Fragile Glass Music Publishing, BMI


words in italics are spoken


Do you know a bully? (Bully, bully, bully)

A big ol' bad ol' bully? (Bully, bully, bully)

No one likes a bully (Bully, bully, bully)

But someone must have been a bully to him...or her, first! 

They had to learn it somewhere!


Bullies are people (Bully, bully, bully)

Who pick on smaller people (Bully, bully, bully)

They're nasty kinds of people (Bully, bully, bully)

And none of here has ever been like that...right?  Right!


Yeah bullies are people (Bully, bully, bully)

Who push other people (Bully, bully, bully)

Make fun of other people (Bully, bully, bully)

Hurt people's feelings by calling them we just did!  We called him a bully.  He made us so mad!  And he deserved it!  Yeah!  But now aren't we just as bad?  Am I a bully 'cause I called him a name?


Could I be a bully? (Bully, bully, bully)

Have you ever been a bully? (Bully, bully, bully)

Not knowing you're a bully? (Bully, bully, bully)

You didn't really mean to be mean...or maybe you really did, to your sister, or brother, or best friend, or mother, or someone that you hate!  And if that's true, then uh oh, you may have been a


Bully (Bully, bully, bully)

Bully (Bully, bully, bully)

Bully (Bully, bully, bully)

And you didn't even know you were one!  You ever been mean or hurt somebody's feelings?  Well I know what that's like.  We all have done that.  Now when I do that, I'm sorry right away.  So I give myself a hug and say I'm gonna try harder, harder next time to understand the feelings and be a little kinder and maybe next time, next time I meet a bully I'll understand the feelings that he is going through because


Bullies are people (Bully, bully, bully)

Like any other people (Bully, bully, bully)

Except they don't like people (Bully, bully, bully)

'Cause someone must have been a bully to him...or her; and that's sad and too bad, these times we all have had, but don't get mad!  We can turn things around without tearing anyone down...just try this...


Get as many people (Bully, bully, bully)

To tell him we are people (Bully, bully, bully)

Who won't stand for other people (Bully, bully, bully)

Pushing us around so he better cut it out!  And if he will try to live and let live then maybe others will also try harder to give him a little break.  Maybe he can play with us!  Then there won't be any more...


Bully (Bully, bully, bully)

Bully (Bully, bully, bully)

Bully (Bully, bully, bully)

We're all gonna try and not be bullies too...GOOD FOR YOU!

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