Peace Songbook

No Way Jose

By Katherine Dines

in Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta BOO-2! by Katherine Dines

©1993 Katherine Dines - Kiddie Korral Music, ASCAP


There was a new kid at school, wearing weird looking clothes.

He had glasses so thick, they slid down on his nose.

He said "Yo! Kids, Don't  ya wanna know my name?"

We said, "NO WAY, JOSE!"


When recess came, he was ready to go.

He had his baseball mitt tucked inside of his coat.

He said, "Yo! Kids, Can I join the team and play?"

We said, "NO WAY, JOSE!"

I was feeling great when I took the bat,

'Til I looked behind the fence, where the new kid sat.

He looked so all alone; I saw him wipe away a tear.

It made me remember my first day here...

So I called "Time Out!" and walked over to him.

When I asked what his name was, he said it was Tim.

I said, "Yo! Tim!  Would you like to take my place?"

He said, "NO WAY, JOSE!"

And I said, "Oh come on, Tim.  We need you!"

Then he took off his glasses.  Don't know how he could see!

But he popped a home run way up over a tree.

And we said, "Yo! Tim!  You just won our game!"

He said,  "NO WAY, JOSE!"  (We all did it!  It was teamwork)!


And I said, "Yo! Tim!  You just won our game!"

So we yelled, "Hooray, Jose!"

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