Spring 2024 Issue #103

Nature and Nurture

  • Understanding Sensory Overload in Our Music Spaces

    My son was my first introduction to sensory processing disorder (SPD), as most people with autism also have SPD. Educating myself about this phenomenon, I discovered not only how to help my son but also how to help many of my students who had unusual behavior. All this led me to understand more about the invisible barriers to learning that so many of our students grapple with.

  • Strawbitty Yops: Nurturing Young Hearts Through the Power of Children’s Music

    As a children’s music performer, I aim to create a fun, engaging, and educational experience for young audiences. Children’s music is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire children, igniting their imaginations and fostering their love for music.

  • Playlists: Nature

    April is always a good time to reflect on nature, to welcome the first signs of spring, and to appreciate the abundant resources we receive from our planet. In celebration of nature, please enjoy these two playlists with contributions from many of our members.

  • Little Mushroom

    “Little Mushroom” is a love letter to nature’s mycological miracles. It explores “our connection to ancestors and each other,” and there are few organisms that embody the interdependent web of being like the mushroom. Fungi make our world possible. Let’s give them all thanks for breaking it down.