Environmental Songbook

Storm Drain

By Matt Loosigian

in Hungry for the Sun by Matt Loosigian


Storm drain,

Storm drain,

The storm drain sends polluted water

Straight into the lake.


When water from the rain and snow

Collects on parking lots and roads

It grabs a bunch of dirt, fertilizer and litter too,

Oil from a leaky car and some dog doo.

A poisonous river running down to...


The storm drain…

Straight into the river.


You may think the dirty water gets cleaned

In a waste treatment plant by big machines,

But the storm water takes a different course.

It squirts out pipe right into the marsh.

(The clams don’t like it very much).


Storm drain…

Straight into the marsh.


We have to clean the water

Or the fish will end up dead,

So listen to this free advice,

And help protect your watershed

Help protect your watershed.


Plant a buffer. Don’t fertilize without a soil test.

Clean up after your doggy when it leaves a mess.

If your car is leakin’ tell your parents, “Get it fixed!”

I don’t want pollution to exist.

I don’t want pollution to exist.


Stormdrain, we can see it.

Stormdrain, we’ll make it better.

Let’s help stop pollution

From going down the drain.


Tell everybody that you see.

Don’t dump here. It drains to the lake.

Don’t dump here. It drains to the river.

Don’t dump here. It drains to the marsh.

Don’t dump anywhere near

The storm drain.


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