Environmental Songbook

Pumpkin Town

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle  

Recorded by A Gentle Wind on “Two Hands Hold the Earth”

©1987 Discovery Center Music, BMI


In Pumpkin Town, Pumpkin Town,

leaves turn gold and the wind blows them down.

For us to run and jump all around.

Moon is up and the sun goes down.

Candles lit in pumpkin town.



Round we do with a do-se-do

and the seasons turn around.

Round we go with a do-se-do

in the hills of Pumpkin Town.


On Icicle Hill, Icicle Hill

sleds and saucers take a spill.

We climb back up as fast as we will.

Snow is cold and the air is chill

but we stay all day on Icicle Hill.


On Mud Puddle Street, Mud Puddle Street,

falling raindrops keep the beat.

Kids go splash splash in their bare feet.

Shirts so fine and pants so neat

got big mud spots on Mud Puddle Street.


On Daffodil Lane, Daffodil Lane

newborn pony shakes her mane.

Birds are singing at the window pane.

Tulips open in the rain.

Air is sweet on Daffodil Lane.


In the Marigold Time, the Marigold Time,

hayseed, rye seed, oat seed climb.

We eat that watermelon down to the rind.

Swimming's good. Swimming's fine.

Lazy days in the Marigold Time.


Repeat first verse.

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