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Reports | Spring 2018

Spotlight on Outgoing Board Member

Andy Zamenes

Hometown and Region: Redwood City, CA; Northern California Region

CMN member since: 2007, although I attended many Northern California Region song circle events prior to that year.

Joined CMN’s Board of Directors (BOD): 2014

What you like most about CMN: The members, a.k.a. my family

Why people should serve on the BOD: Serving on the BOD is a wonderfully enriching experience for those who wish to know more about the inner workings of a high-level nonprofit organization, and who want to make a difference on that level. Personally, I felt I should serve on the BOD because I have a voice and perspective that would prove beneficial and represent other members who shared my voice and perspective.

A favorite CMN memory:
I have many, but one that especially stands out was having the opportunity to perform “Al Tambor de la Alegria” with Alina Celeste and Peter Apel during José-Luis Orozco’s Magic Penny Award ceremony at the 2016 conference in Los Gatos, CA. It was truly incredible having an opportunity to play a song for one of my mentors and do so in the spirit of his recording.

Andy with new baby, Gio, born February 18th, 2018.

Favorite conference:
I’ve had great experiences at all the conferences I’ve been a part of, but my favorite conference was the first one I attended, 2013, also in Los Gatos. I had been a member a few years already, but had never experienced a CMN gathering of this magnitude. And I have to say that it was during this conference that I truly understood that CMN is a family and that I was part of it. There is nothing that can equal the power of that moment when you first realize you’ve found your “tribe.”

Final thoughts?
I really like Brigid (Finucane, PIO! editor). She’s one of my favorite people. And she has the most awesome last name—although it took me a year to realize I was pronouncing it like a medication rather than using the correct pronunciation. I will expand that statement to say I have many favorite people who are members of CMN. That’s just the type of people this organization attracts…good people. And I’m blessed to be a part of it.