Spring 2023 Issue #101

The Healing Power of Music

  • Music That Heals: An Interview With Stephen Wandu Bimo

    Stephen Wandu Bimo is a musician, artist, student, activist, administrator, and powerful force for good in the lives of refugee children and families. His primary work with displaced people is in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda, where refugees escaping the conflict in South Sudan find shelter, food, and other resources.

  • Reflections on CMN’s DEI Process

    In 2022, CMN began a process of reckoning with the need for greater attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the organization. Three members share their reflections on this groundbreaking process.

  • Introducing Playlists

    CMN will now begin curating playlists to share our members’ work. Our intention is for these playlists to highlight the incredible music our members create and to make it easily accessible and shareable.

  • I Hear a Knockin’ at My Door

    “I wrote this song during the initial pandemic shutdown, when so many of us were isolated from regular routines and were dealing with estrangement from our friends, colleagues, and even family members.”