Spring 2021 Issue #93

Planting Seeds

  • Making Friends With the Elephant in the Room, Part II

    One thing I have learned is that educators (myself included) fall prey to many “multicultural” songs and stories that are attributed to a long-ago tribe or ancient storyteller. The intention is good, but the impact may not be helpful.

  • Where Does Music Reside in the Brain?

    As educators and performers, we know that music is a special activity that uniquely connects language, movement, physical senses, emotions, and memory. Each of these functions is centered in different areas of the brain.

  • The Measure of Success

    At the end of each year, I take an account of my own accomplishments. Before I examined it more closely, I felt 2020 had been a complete disaster.

  • Follow Me

    “Follow Me was written from the perspective of a parent who is singing to their child about looking forward to future adventures together.”

  • Five Yellow Daffodils

    Spring is upon us, and all Children’s Music Network members need spring songs, right? We turned to Kim Wallach, one of our finger-play and counting queens, looking for a seasonal treasure.

  • We’re Havin’ a Party

    “I created this song during a desperate, overwhelmed parent moment when my child was beyond excited for her upcoming birthday . . . and then it just got silly as many things do!"

  • Social Media Tip #1

    Social Media is fun but it can also be an amazing tool for engagement of your audience and potential clients.