Fall 2023 Issue #102

Read and Sing

  • Becoming Mirror Makers

    If you’ve spent much time around children’s writers, educators, and librarians, you may have heard us talking about mirror books. That’s not just because we’re all big Lewis Carroll fans. Some books, when viewed by the right person, in the right lighting conditions, and from the right angle, can reflect our own experiences back at us.

  • Read and Sing: An Annotated, Recommended Book List

    I have always loved to read books to children and to sing with them. What could be better than putting the two together? Combining singing or music with the written word is so good for young brains and is so much fun!

  • In Memoriam: Patty Zeitlin

    Throughout all the years I have composed and performed for young children, I have been fortunate to have been influenced and mentored by some brilliant songwriters. One of the most inspiring was my longtime friend, the author, playwright, songsmith, and early childhood icon, Patty Zeitlin.

  • In Memoriam: Uncle Ruthie Buell

    Uncle Ruthie Buell and I were pals. We went out to movies and meals, cooked each other lunch, fed the ducks at the park, and most gloriously, exchanged songs at her piano. I sang one for every ten by her—she was hard to stop once she got going, and I did not want her to stop!

  • Playlists for Fall 2023

    Two fall playlists devoted to songs about reading. From learning the alphabet to setting out on fabulous adventures through new worlds, these songs explore the countless gifts that children can find in the pages of a book.

  • I Love Reading

    This song combines a playful journey through some much-loved books with a catchy refrain that perfectly reflects this issue’s theme.