Peace Songbook

New Ground

By Peter Alsop

in IN THE HOSPITAL by Peter Alsop

©Copyright 1987, Moose School Music (BMI)

for ages 2-12


The leaf falls from the tree E

The sap runs deep F#m7(044200)

Snow in the winter G#m6(066400)

Covers seeds that sleep F#m7

Sun melts the ice E

And the warm Earth gives F#m7

Water to the sprouts G#m6

And the green world lives. B(099800)–E–Esus4(022200)–E


Cho: Watch for a sign A(077600)-B

Keep your heart alive G#m6-E

The spirit breaks new ground A–B-C#m(0-11-11-9-0-0)

Whenever something dies A-G#m6-F#m7-E

Watch the shadows closely A-B

The tears will clean your eyes G#m6-C#m

The spirit breaks new ground A–B–C#m

Whenever something dies A-G#m6-F#m7-E


Instrumental E-F#m7-G#m6-F#m7


You may have lost a toy

You may have lost a dream

You may have lost a friend

Someone who you need

Your chest can feel the pain

That makes it hard to breathe

But your love will always stay

And the pain will leave.






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