Leslie Zak

Leslie Zak has spent most of her life singing, and more than half of it directing and teaching drama in California and Ohio. With a song repertoire in seventeen languages, she introduces audiences to other cultures, peoples, and worlds. Her avowed mission is to share the community experienced when people sing together.

A Columbus Arts Council Artist-in-Schools, a coach of stage dialects, creative dramatics, and theater games, Leslie is the Director Emeritus of Days of Creation—Arts for Kids, and served as Education Director for Columbus’ ProMusica Chamber Orchestra.

An award-winning recording artist, her new songs focus on environmental and justice issues, with a special interest in animals (human and other). A member of Chant Sisters, a group of women circle song leaders, she is also a founder of the band Front of the Bus, a multicultural group presenting civil rights and other historical music, currently performing in Central Ohio.

Leslie is a longtime CMNer, former CMN Board member, frequent contributor to PIO!, and the Great Lakes Co-Representative. She lives in Ohio with her husband, photographer Allen Zak, a most excellent cat, and many wildlife boarders.