Kaleidoscope of Melodies: The CMN 2022 Annual International Conference

ka·lei·do·scope | \ kə-ˈlī-də-ˌskōp \
a: a variegated changing pattern or scene
b: a succession of changing phases or actions
c: a diverse collection

Reflecting on this year’s theme, I get excited about the beautiful kaleidoscope of colors we will bring this September—each of our own unique gifts merging together to form something beautiful. After the last two years of virtual conferences, we have learned that we can connect and shine our lights together using our virtual tools. That said, many of us still long for those face-to-face connections and sharing light in person. While we were not able to realize our dream of gathering together in the beauty of the desert Southwest, we will once again draw on our collective resources to create another memorable all-virtual conference.

Our Virtual Kaleidoscope

The 2022 CMN conference will kick off on Sunday, September 11, 2022 with our Virtual Opening, celebrating the many international colors of CMN by highlighting the work of members outside of the United States. We also want to profile a few organizations nurturing the next generation of musicians in underserved communities. Then we will open the microphone with our virtual Round Robin, where you can share your glimmer of light with our community.

The week is packed with amazing workshops, songswaps, and affinity group meetings. We know that many of us are experiencing Zoom fatigue, and we will do our best to make these events lively, colorful, and life-giving! Check out our workshops here!

As the Kaleidoscope Turns: Workshops, Networking, Round Robin, Keynote

Graphic: Workshops

We have set up our schedule for our wide array of workshops and songswaps to be presented throughout the week. The Workshop Committee worked hard to bring you a diverse group of presenters from both inside and outside our organization. The workshops center on five key themes:

Photo: Radmilla Cody
Radmilla Cody
  • Early Childhood and General Education
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Performance and Production
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Business and Marketing

On Saturday afternoon, we will have our much-anticipated keynote from advocate and musician Radmilla Cody, in which we will learn the importance of strengthening “k’é” (kinship). (Read PIO’s interview with Radmilla.)

Following Radmilla’s address, we will have our second Round Robin.

Celebrating Our Honored Kaleidoscopes: PIO! Scholars Award and Magic Penny

Photo: Aaron Nigel Smith
Aaron Nigel Smith

On Sunday, we will celebrate the kaleidoscopes of the future by shining light on our scholarship recipients who are dedicated to promoting children’s music for the next generation. And we will honor our Magic Penny recipient, Aaron Nigel Smith, who has worked tirelessly to promote peace by connecting and empowering youth, families, and communities through music and the arts.

So let us gather in September and shine our lights together to create a beautiful Kaleidoscope of Melodies. Register for the Conference today!