Multicultural & Non-English Songbook


Music by traditional, lyrics by Jay Sand

©2017 Jay Sand

This is a rousing reinterpretation of this super-rousing version of Jangar, the Oirat/Kalmyk epic tale of Jangar the great warrior of Kalmyk (Russia/Mongolia). Hongor, featured in the song, was Jangar’s second-in-command and credited throughout the epic for saving Jangar’s lands and the Kalymk people from enemies.


Jangar, Jangar, Jangar, Jangar . . . !
Asar ulagan Hongor
Stronger than a thousand men
We tell your tale and tell your tale and then we’ll tell your tale again

This is an active marching song! Have kids march along with you as they celebrate the epic warriors Jangar and Hongor, all of your motions getting bigger and bigger as the boasts of Jangar's strength become more and more extreme.

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