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Apache Exercise Song

Music by Roman Orona, lyrics by Roman Orona & David Burba

©2008 Music, Movement & Magination, Inc.

This Native American movement song uses Native American imagery to encourage stretching and excercise. Additionally, this song provides a platform to introduce Native American culture and Apache chanting. 

The song was written & performed by  Roman Orona, a Native American drummer and member of the Apache Tribe. His father, Dr. Joel Orona, joins him playing the Native American flute.

Lesson materials with activities, visual aids, videos etc are available


To view lyrics with movements, please download Lead Sheet above.

Lesson materials with activities, visual aids, videos etc are available here .  With these materials, children can make necklaces or headbands that represent the symbols identified in the song (stretching like a tree, jumping like a rabbit, running like a mountain lion, etc.)

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