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Music and lyrics by Jay Sand

©2017 Jay Sand

“Darida” is an ancient Ingush love song that, in its original form, is a conversation between a man and a woman he loves (and is “chasing.”) “Darida” means “la la la” in Chechen. Ingushetia is a Russian republic in the Caucases Mountains. When Russians started moving into the Caucases in the mid-1800s some Nakh people resisted, some didn’t. Those who did came to be known as Chechens; they have fought Russia ever since. The Russians called the others Ingush. After World War II Stalin falsely accused the Ingush of collaborating with the Nazis and deported them to Kazakhstan and Siberia. By the time they returned in 1957 most of their territory had become Osset-ruled North Ossetia. Today they mainly live in the republic of Ingushetia, which is located between Chechnya and North Ossetia.


Addy will run and I will follow
Addy will run and I will follow
I’m going to catch her, darida da, I’m going to catch her, darida da.

This can be an active song if the classroom permits, with children chasing each other around the room "Molly will run and I will follow," or, if that seems like too much excitement, kids can pretend to "run" by patting the floor or their legs. Teachers can go around the room naming every student, adding each name as they go along ("Molly will run and I will follow...Molly will run, Lily will run, and I will follow....")

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