Environmental Songbook

Show the Earth Love

Music and lyrics by Will Avery

©2007 Will Avery

How can we protect the environment?
Love is the key... Open your heart and show the Earth love.

Recycling, conservation, lending a helping hand... There are so many ways to care for the Earth! 





Show the Earth love...
Show the Earth your love.
Show the Earth your love.
Show the Earth, show the Earth, Show, show,

Hey, you! Pick up that trash.
Don't be a litterbug.
Recycle. Plant a tree.
Show the Earth your love.

Let's fight pollution.
The water, the air, the land.
There's a solution.
Everybody, lend a hand.

Conserve water. Do not waste.
Make the Earth a cleaner place.
Protect endangered animals.
They are our friends.

Show the Earth Love: Coloring Activity

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