Winter 2023 Issue #100

Sing It Again! All-Songs Issue

  • Welcome to #100

    Welcome to #100! In the thirty-five years since PIO!’s first publication, we’ve accumulated a catalog of songs from all over the globe, for every age group, in countless genres and styles. Each one has been shared with the hope that readers would enjoy them, learn them, and pass them on to new audiences. In celebration of this milestone, we bring you treasures old and new—songs we want to sing again and again.

  • Didn't We Have Fun

    The original lyrics to this song captured all the dancing, playing, singing, not-sleeping, and eating that was shared at CMN’s 1991 conference. Later, Bruce developed verses that are more universal. To our minds it remains a delightful way to reminisce.

  • We Wish to Sing to You

    Over the decades, members of CMN have encountered different approaches to creative property and the folk tradition. The Quimbys had their view: “Do it right. . . ."

  • Away, Away

    The children who wrote this song as elementary school students in the mid-1990s are grown and well into their professional lives in 2022, and still this sweet, simple song lingers as a way for children to introduce themselves and their heritage.

  • What Do I Do?

    Ruth’s message is one to teach and reteach, learn and relearn, frequently. It is the answer to the oft-heard lament, “I just didn’t know what to say.”

  • I've Got Peace in My Fingers

    “I wrote the song for a Peace Week celebration at my daughter’s preschool. The director was a progressive and creative woman who wanted even the youngest among us to understand the meaning of the word peace.”

  • Open the Circle

    We brought back the four-part round “Open the Circle” because it has been a staple opening and closing song at our conferences since 2007.

  • Stardust

    Alina Celeste’s “Stardust” is a favorite of our editorial staff. Alina says “It is my love song and my farewell to the life I had in Los Angeles, and a promise to the loved ones I left there that I’ll be around.”

  • On and On

    It is hard to find songs about death that are simple enough to share with children. Kari Thomas Kovick’s song manages beautifully to contain grief as well as celebrate life.

  • Ready Set Go!

    We fell in love with “Ready Set Go!” from the get-go! Divinity calls her hip-hop/rock/funk style “Alternative Soul,” and we are delighted to call her a Children’s Music Network member and friend. Are you ready? Then go!

  • Mi Barrilete

    “Mi Barrilete” (“My Kite”) was written by Hamlet Meneses to celebrate Sumpango Saquatepéquez, Guatemala’s Gigantic Kite Festival held on Day of the Dead, or Día de Los Muertos, on November 1.