Summer 2021 Issue #94

Singing Now, Singing Always

  • Being Apart, Singing Together

    We have recently passed the first anniversary of the pandemic shutdown. At the time, we really thought we’d be back on track in a few weeks, but then the days started to accumulate.

  • Archive Alive

    What happens to my music if I am no longer here to sing it? It’s a question for children’s musicians of all ages.

  • Oh, What a Day

    “I like this song because it has an upbeat message (love sings on and always will), kids love to sing it, it’s fun to play rhythm instruments along with it, and it’s a happy round!”

  • Brown Boy Brown Girl

    “Today’s children will run the world tomorrow. If we want them to create a society of respect, tolerance, and justice, we must first teach them to love and respect themselves.”

  • Cross the Street

    “I wrote this funk, thinking of what I would like to hear if I was walking down the sidewalk. I felt it would be a fun way of sending a pedestrian safety message.”

  • Social Media Tip #2

    Creating a social media profile is not enough to promote your business.