Summer 2020 Issue #90

Safety and Sanctuary

  • Music in the Time of Corona

    As waves of school closings and concert cancellations swept the nation this past March, the CMN member listserv lit up with urgent questions about What to Do. Of course, the community responded by discovering ways to exploit technology and ingenuity so they could temporarily replace the irreplaceable experience of live music making.

  • Publishing Your Picture Book

    Like many educators and artists, I’ve had a few ideas for picture books kicking around in my head for years. I suppose it’s inevitable. This past fall I finally decided to make my long-ignored dreams of authorship a reality.

  • The Kindness of Sanctuary

    We measure our lives through the people we encounter as we make our way. The friendships and personal connections we make are really what gives meaning to our lives.

  • Put Your Seatbelt On

    This song delivers a crucial safety message in a groove- and fun-filled package that will speak to children everywhere. With its call and response form, the community can join in the fun.

  • To The Ones

    “This three-part round literally came to me in a dream. My father passed away at the age of ninety-eight this past fall, having outlived my mother by almost thirty years.”

  • Put Your Mask On, Honey

    “I wrote (this) just to have a fun way about thinking about this whole mask issue. I thought that if it were seen as fashionable, then maybe we’d all be more willing to wear what makes a difference in the long-term health of all of us.”

  • 2020 Magic Penny Award

    The Children’s Music Network is pleased to announce Fred Rogers as the 2020 Magic Penny recipient. David Newell, who played postal deliverer Mr. McFeely (named after Fred’s grandfather) on the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood TV show, will accept this posthumous award on behalf of Rogers.