Spring 2022 Issue #97

Making History

  • Changing the Grammys, Making History

    For the first time, all five nominated acts for the 2022 Grammy Award for Best Children’s Music Album are led or co-led by artists of color. This was not an accident. It is the story of two overlapping groups of artist-changemakers who are on the forefront of the movement to transform the family music industry and amplify the Black and Brown voices that need to be heard.

  • Let’s Write Universal Suffrage Songs With Children

    It’s clear that being disenfranchised is harmful to individuals and groups, so after four years of reading deeply and widely, I believe that age need not and must not be a disqualifier.

  • I Am Enough

    When asked to say something about “I Am Enough,” SaulPaul replied, “a piano-based, sing-songy, feel-good anthem for the young listener. The entire song can serve as a cheat sheet of positive affirmations for young listeners to sing along, speak, or read aloud.”

  • Plant a Seed

    Ros says she is “happy to have the song take roots in the community. With adult audiences, I like to introduce ‘Plant a Seed’ as a children’s song with an adult metaphor.”

  • Every Bunny

    Susan tells us, “I’m always interested in movement songs for preschoolers that require young ones to listen for cues. I’m also interested in songs that can be used for specific seasons and throughout the year.”

  • Social Media Tip #5

    Check Your Analytics! You’ll quickly understand what content your audience wants more of and what you need to drop from the mix.