Spring 2020 Issue #89

Raise Your Voice

  • Social Justice Music For Kids

    When Pete Seeger was blacklisted in the 1950s, he was no longer allowed to perform in the kind of venues in which he and the Weavers had been appearing. He discovered a new network of places flying under the radar and brought his music to those schools, summer camps, church basements, synagogues, and more. In the process, he inadvertently created a new career path.

  • Music That Makes Change

    Social issues, such as gender identity and racism, are influencing children’s music. This article is about creative ways that two groups of performers address social issues to bring positive change to children’s lives, and to the lives of adults.

  • A Visit to the Musical Instrument Museum

    In a world divided by ethnicity, religion, politics, and so much more, the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix is a strong reminder of the cultural ties that bind us.

  • In Memoriam: Sol Weber

    Longtime CMN member and beloved friend Sol Weber passed away on June 26, 2019, at the age of eighty-five. Sol was best known for his rounds collection, earning him the nickname “Roundman.”

  • Hatred Has No Place

    David explains that he wrote this simple and infectious song “in the fall of 2017, inspired by signs that had sprouted all over my community stating ‘Hate has no home here’ in various languages.”

  • Be Who You Are

    “I was thinking about so many people I know who felt left out or ‘different’ at certain points in their lives and how affirming it can be to get the message that it’s okay to just be you.”

  • Kokoraki

    “Even though I’m not Greek myself, I grew up listening to Greek music, so this song has been in my blood for many years, and when I decided to do an international children’s music album, this was the first song I recorded.”

  • Letter From the Editor

    It’s the end of an exhausting, turbulent, frightening month. I hope you have found some comfort in the strength of our community. Virtual concerts and song swaps and meetups are popping up everywhere. And on top of all that, welcome to the latest incarnation of Pass It On!

  • New Sounds

    Check out the latest releases from members of CMN.