Fall 2021 Issue #95

Lift Every Voice

  • Black to the Future With Pierce Freelon

    What inspires me the most about Pierce is that in every aspect of his work, he looks toward the future and works toward building positive spaces for all kids, especially creative Black youth. Yet he is also so clearly inspired by his own roots: his ancestors, his history, and his community.

  • Third-Grade Advocacy Songwriting? Yes We Can!

    The school listened while many children of color expressed their discomfort with some of the high school curriculum and literature choices and described a lack of responsiveness and sensitivity they perceive from some faculty and peers.

  • 2021 PIO! Scholars Award

    The Pass It On! Scholars Award is given each fall to a high school senior, university, or college student. This year we selected two winners out of our talented pool of applicants.

  • Amor y Corazón / Love and Care

    “We felt that in our current world, love and care were absolutely needed to create a positive atmosphere and foster open and welcoming hearts.”

  • Kindness of Strangers and Neighbors and Friends

    “If there’s one thing these past fifteen months have taught me, it’s the value of kindness.”

  • Halo-Halo

    From “On Top of Spaghetti” to “Peanut Butter and Jelly,” songs about food are always popular, and now we have a Filipino treat to add to the treasure chest.

  • 2021 Conference Preview: Together Tomorrow (Virtually)

    Now over thirty years old, our Conference gets bigger and better every year, creating many opportunities for performers, educators, song­writers, librarians, and families.

  • Social Media Tip #3

    You need to understand your audience—inside and out!