Fall 2020 Issue #91

Everything’s a Song

  • Everything’s a Song: A Conversation With Lea Morris

    Lea and I spoke via Zoom (how else?) about the ingenuity and creativity that arises in this time of restriction, about kids and their gifts, and the intertwining of music and spirituality. She was generous with her stories, insights, and humor, and it’s my pleasure to pass them on.

  • Radio Active Life

    When I began producing my kids’ music radio show, Radio Active Kids, four years ago, I had no idea quite what I was getting into. I knew that kids’ music had made a positive impact on my life and that I wanted to share that positivity with others.

  • Because of Fred Rogers

    It still hurts to think about Fred Rogers. It’s been seventeen years since his passing, and the thought of him still brings tears to my eyes.

  • Look for the Helpers

    “When children need helpers, I want them to hear Fred Rogers’s gentle, sage advice. I remind them that they, too, can be helpers, even when they themselves need assistance."

  • No Mirrors in My Nana’s House

    Dr. Barnwell’s ability to cut to the core of emotions, ideas, and humanity shines throughout “No Mirrors in My Nana’s House.” We hope you will enjoy learning and sharing the love in her Nana’s eyes.

  • Little Bit of Light

    Shalom and I fondly remember as kids singing on our mom’s first children’s album, Might As Well Make It Love, in 1981, at River City Studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was fun and exciting, and we felt so professional at just twelve and thirteen years old. . .

  • A Tribute to Carol Johnson

    The Children’s Music Network lost a longtime colleague and friend, Carol Johnson of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who died at the age of seventy-eight in November 2019 following a stroke.

  • 2020 Conference Preview

    The 2020 Children’s Music Network Annual Conference will be like no other.