Sarah Pirtle

Sarah Pirtle received the Magic Penny Award in 2007. Her first five of her nine recordings were produced by Jill and Donald Person of A Gentle Wind, beginning with “Two Hands Hold the Earth.” She started Pass It On! in 1987 when she took on launching the first outreach and the first administrative office for CMN. In the letter Pete Seeger wrote to be read at the Magic Penny, he said, “CMN would’t exist with Sarah Pirtle.”

Her two book and recording combinations include Better Together: Caring and Including, Instead of Bullying – Social Skills taught with language arts and forty songs. She has received ten national awards for her recordings and five books, including An Outbreak of Peace, which won the Olive Branch Award for outstanding book of the year on world peace. She has been active as a racial justice organizer since 1983, and is currently a part of Bridge4Unity. Sixty of her songs are available for free at Sarah Hope Sings.