Sagan Thacker

Sagan Thacker is extremely excited to be a PIO! Scholar. Born and raised near Asheville, North Carolina, they grew up homeschooled and given a diverse and open-ended education by their parents. They also listened to a wide variety of high-quality children’s music and continued to recognize its artistic and societal worth as they grew older. In 2016, they got the opportunity to succeed Tim “T-Bone” Arem as the volunteer host and producer of Radio Active Kids, an independent kids’ music radio show in Asheville. They have never looked back since and have become deeply involved in the worldwide kids’ music community.

In addition to their work in the children’s music world, they recently graduated with a bachelor’s in history from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where their award-winning undergraduate research focused on second-wave feminism and underground comics. They are now preparing to attend graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to become a librarian and to continue working to foster local and global community. Their work at Radio Active Kids has shown them the power and significance of artistic and personal collaboration and mutual respect in order to cultivate a better world for all.