Roman Orona

Roman Orona’s deep family roots gave him an extensive foundation in faith, values, traditions, and the native culture he strives to preserve. From a young age, Roman was taught to respect and value all human beings. His family introduced him to unity in diversity and the oneness of humanity through the lessons of the Bahá’í Faith.

Roman is a Native American dancer, singer, drummer, choreographer, writer, speaker, film and music editor, producer, director, and craftsman. He has presented his original lectures, dances, and songs to audiences in performing arts centers, theaters, festivals, schools, universities, conferences, powwows, and various reservations throughout the United States, Asia, Mexico, and Canada. In 2016, Roman was a Native American Music Award Winner (a Grammy equivalent in Native American Music) for “Best Male Vocalist” for his album Circling Spirits under Canyon Records.

Though his artistic talents and experiences are vast, Roman maintains a consistent dedication in all his work. His goal is to teach balance in all aspects of life, world peace, equality of men and women, environmental and cultural preservation, racial equality, and the abandonment of all forms of prejudice. Roman works to illustrate all individuals are related through the common thread of humanity. In being human, Roman says, “We all have a responsibility to each other, for each other, for the betterment of all human kind.”

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