Evalyn Harper

Evalyn Harper is honored to be recognized as the 2023 PIO! Scholar. Born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, she followed her lifelong love of storytelling to the University of Iowa, where she’s pursuing her bachelor’s in English and creative writing and a certificate in Event Management. She currently serves as both president of The English Society and event coordinator for earthwords literary magazine, two roles that have helped her learn how to combine her passions for literature, events, and community building in new and exciting ways. After graduating next May, she plans to pursue her master’s in Library and Information Science with an emphasis in youth services.

She’d like to thank Melissa Albert for helping her find her voice, Paula Long and Heather Spangler for their incredible mentorship, Daniel Khalastchi for wise words and enthusiasm about auditoriums, and the staff of the Rita Benton Music Library for trusting her with the keys. She’d also like to thank her friends Kameryn, Olivia, Jacob, and Sonia for dealing with her habit of saying “there’s a kids’ song for that.” And, of course, the biggest thanks of all goes to her parents, longtime CMN members Monty and Lisa Harper, for a lifetime of encouraging her dreams both big and small.