Dorothy Cresswell

Dorothy Cresswell is a singer/songwriter who taught kindergarten through third grade in Massachusetts for thirty-two years. She was Nationally Board Certified in 1999. She currently runs The Happy Valley Children’s Chorus, The Curious Giraffe Show, Healing Circle Singers, and co-directs Journey Home (a hospice singing group) and Bridges Coffeehouse and Open Mic. She is also a member of the Interfaith Opportunities Network. With her fingers in all of these pies she feels she has really made the transition from the general classroom to building community through song full time.

Dorothy is very interested in the healing aspects of music, harmony, and open hearts and voices and minds. She sees music as a vehicle for activism in all social justice issues, and a fantastic tool for welcoming, inclusion, participation, and connection at every age and stage.

Dorothy has one CD and songbook called Curious Songs for Curious Kids. The CD is composed of all original songs and story-songs mostly based on real life experiences. Her projects are encompassed in one entity called Pioneer Valley Singing. Dorothy has been a member of CMN since May 2015 and is a Regional Co-Coordinator (with Philip Alexander) for the New England Region. She is delighted to meet such soul mates and only wishes she had discovered CMN sooner!

Dorothy has four granddaughters, two grown kids, and one wife. She and Dusty live on a small lake and celebrate every day with a cup of tea and a book.