Carrie Ferguson

Carrie Ferguson (she/they) is a joyfully queer singer-songwriter based in Western Massachusetts and Northern California. After performing primarily for adults for many years, Carrie recently entered the world of family music with the award-winning album, The Grumpytime Club. Carrie performs solo or with The Grumpytime Club Band at libraries, community centers, festivals and other venues. Carrie’s music for children and families explores themes of inclusivity, accepting feelings, LGBTQ+ pride, gender diversity, love of nature, environmental stewardship, and just all- around joy for life.

Besides The Grumpytime Club, Carrie has released two records for adults, plus a handful of singles, and a collection of original show tunes with Piti Theatre. Carrie has had the honor of sharing stages with a number of incredible artists including Melysa Ferrick, Catie Curtis, Cheryl Wheeler, Patty Larkin, Laura Love, and others.

Carrie is also a piano teacher and works as a musician/songwriter with Piti Theatre Company. Carrie loves devouring books, making things with leftovers, and hugging trees.