Barb Tilsen

Barb Tilsen has been writing songs and performing for audiences of all ages since 1971 and working with children since 1985. Her music, classes and performances are hallmarked by her great sense of fun, her respect for young children, and her unique way of musically touching their hearts. Barb’s performances for adults have brought her to gatherings both great and small—from coffeehouses to concert halls, from living rooms to peace marches, labor rallies, and community events. As an activist and musician, her music is rooted in the rich history of grassroots movements for social change in this country. Her songs, whether for adults or children, celebrate this world and our capacity to change, sustaining hope, creating vision, and uplifting spirit. Barb has been published several times in Pass It On! and Sing Out! Magazine, as well as other books and publications. She has two CDs for children: Take the Seed, which received a 2016 Parent’s Choice Award, and Make a Circle Like the Sun, which garnered a 2001 Children’s Web Award for Best Recording for Young Children. Her new recording for adults, Sacred Ground, includes timeless songs for a changing world—music and poetry voicing the many different ways we love and care for each other, our children, our planet, and our future.